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The following are some of past emails I received, copied and pasted on the site for others to read:
Hey Samantha,
How are things going for you?!  It feels like it's been forever...
I hope you're doing well...are you teaching again? 
Things here couldn't be going any better!  I thought i'd send a sweet pictures we too...Lewis (our puggle) is doing just great and is seriously the cutest puppy ever...not to mention really smart too!  Thank you for the perfect dog!  My husband can't get over what a good dog he is...and I already love him like he were my son!! 
We're doing great...thing with me are excellent. I LOVE my new job and wouldn't trade it for any other.  God has blessed us so much. I hope you can say the same for you and yours, Samantha.
By the way, you may be getting an email from one of our relatives who has been thinking about getting a puppy.  They met Lewis and just LOVED him...we totally sold them on puggles and YOU the breeder of the worlds best puggles! 
Thanks again and God bless...
Hi Samantha!  We hope you are doing well.  My intention was to email
pictures and a note with a week or two, but things were super busy so I
am just now getting to it.  I noticed you found the first few shots we
uploaded to  They have both grown so much is amazing!  We
were in love before we met them and having the here has made our lives
so much more full and fun than we ever thought.  Both our babies are
doing great and VERY SMART.  Our vet was impressed at how well they sit
and how quickly they'll calm down.  We have taken a couple of basic
obedience lessons and both are doing well, especially Sam is super
to please:-)
I have to say a HUGE thank you to you for how well crate trained they
were.  I fully expected to have a week or two of unfulfilled sleep, but
they have slept through the night without incident since day one!  And
they were so good during the long drive home, the only time they made
much noise at all was to let us know they needed a potty break.  We
couldn't have been more pleased.
We've had a couple of folks ask about the breeder and we sent them to
your site.  One lady wants me to bring them back in to work when they
are about 6 months so she can see them about fully grown and has had
entire family viewing your site to get there opinion on the breed. 
Between the wonderful dispositions and adorable expressions and
appearance I don't see how they don't end up reserving one, but we'll
see and I hope they do.  We'd recommend you to everyone thinking of
bringing a puggle puppy home to love.
Well, I've kept you long enough.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and
you to know that you and your family have been in our prayers and that
we are taking wonderful care of our babies and they smile all the time! 
Rosie is a ball of beagle energy and Sam is a love muffin that likes to
curl up in your lap, so it is much easier to get the good shots of him. 
But hopefully you'll be able to tell how beautiful they are both
out.  We can't believe Sam wasn't the first male picked, but we sure
glad we got "stuck" with him.

Marci and Danny McDougald
Hi Samantha,
Just wanted to let you know that Patrick is adjusting so well, and so are we!  He had his second vet visit today for booster shots.  In just 10 days he's gained almost 1 1/2 pounds!  That is a fast-growing boy!  My husband thinks he is the best dog he's ever had.  He is SUCH a good boy! He only really "cried" the first night we had him.  Now, when he is put to bed, he doesn't whine at all.   He is good about not pottying in the house.  We have maybe one accident a day.  On the vet's advice, we bought him a crate a week ago Sunday, and he hasn't made a mess in it once yet!  He even had one 10 hour stretch while I was at work and my parents couldn't let him out, but still no mess!  My girls absolutely adore him.  Yesterday they were pulling him around in the wagon, and he seemed to love it.  The vet and the vet techs think he is the cutest thing.  He is the first puggle they've seen there.  I hope his brothers and sisters are doing as well!   I'm really glad we got him a few weeks before Christmas so that he could be settled and into a routine before the chaos of Christmas morning.  I'll send a photo soon!
Thanks again for a great puppy!

I thought you might like to see an updated picture of Kyle...
He is just so cute and everyone stops to ask what breed he is.
He hss a lot of energy and is very playful.  He is growing so
fast as well. He will be 18 weeks this Sunday and he is already
15 lbs!!  He is not heavy at all but he is getting longer and taller.
Thank you again for our little boy.
Tina M Visalli



Samantha ,I just can’t thank you enough for this wonderful puppy.  She is beautiful and sweet and fun and friendly.  We took our first outing today to socialize.  She did very well.  Paul fell in love with her immediately and when I returned from my trip I quickly felt the same way.  She has been with me now for 5 days and we are bonding.  Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family.  I will keep you up to date on her progress.  Trust me, she will have a good life with us.  We love her and will provide her with a good home and future.  We are enrolled in Puppy Classes once she has had all of her shots.  Monday will e her second series of shots.  She is a princess.  She is now sleeping on several fleece blankets while I write this email.  Attached is today’s picture of her inquisitive spirit and love of life.  Bella has brought us so much joy.  Thank you and blessings to your mission.  I wish more could experience the love that one of your Puggles could bring to their lives.   Dey Lexow


Hi, Samantha!  I bought two puggles from you almost two years ago...I
believe they are both in the picture on your home page of one of your
litters.  You shipped Bitzi and Murphy to Denver, Colorado.  They are
doing absolutely wonderful.  They have some of the best personalities I
ever seen.  In fact, anyone who knows Bitzi at all would not argue that
thinks she is more human than most of us.  We have a large dog park at
complex and they have so many friends to play with during their daily
time.  They are great with other dogs and humans as well.  They love
more than an hour at the dog park then home for a nap.  Bitz and Murph
some of the most loyal dogs you will ever meet and are both very
of the third dog, Bella, who is much tinier than them.  I was skimming
website and saw the letters you had posted and thought I would send an
update of my wonderful puggles.  Thank you for a couple of great dogs!

Sincerely, Jaime
hi samantha,
 we just received your email regarding the toy puggles and I do have to say that they are precious. We adopted Barney may 21, 2005. since then he has enriched our lives beyond our expectations. he loves kisses and hugs and is so sweet. he always wants to be by me or my husband, 24/7. he gets very sad when we have to leave him to go to work so during the day he goes to doggie day care where he gets a full day of seeing his friends  and play time. our vet told us that barney does not consider himself a pet but rather a human and the three of us are a pack. thus he is always with us and never wants to be alone in a room by himself. he is so sweet and loving that we just dont know how we could ever own another breed again. we are considering a baby sibling for barney and will stay in touch with you regarding a future puggle. thanks again for breeding such a wonderful dog. we love him like our son, anna and ken larue
                                      THANK YOU VERY MUCH
                                        MIRIAM FALSITTA
Hi Samantha,
Yes, we made it home just in time. We were out of power for about 4 days, that was fun.
Zoey is doing great, Had her vet appt. and checked out just fine.We saw another puggle at Petland yesterday. She was 9 weeks old and you could see almost every bone sticking out. Very sad. I am so glad you like them plump. We do too. 
Thanks again for everything,
Samantha -
Hi, we made it home safely with Tucker and the kids around 2:30am, it
was a long trip but Tucker did AWESOME!  He would get out and use the
bathroom every time we stopped, not one accident in the crate, we were
He has been having a lot of fun here this morning, sleeping on a cozy
blanket this morning with Connor and Cameron, I took a photo and will
email it to you soon.  Thanks for giving us such a wonderful puppy - he
is so loved by all of us already!  He makes a perfect addition to our
family!  I'll continue to pray for your Mom.
Kelsey Silberg
Hello Samantha
I wanted to let you know our little one arrived safe and sound. She is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen. We are fighting over who gets to hold her next.
She was a little nervous at first off the flight, but she warmed up quickly and seems so happy.
Thank you so much for your time and patience with us and being so kind and professional.I know it takes alot of time and care for you to produce this quality of beautiful, healthy pup.
When we get ready for a big brother in the future, we will be emailing again but for now we will give her the love and attention she has been used to.
We will email new pictures as she grows.
Again we sincerely appreciate all of your work and help.
Sandra and family
Hi Samantha! It's great to hear from you, I was just thinking of
sending you
some pictures of Nibbler. She is doing very well, she is perfect and I
she gets cuter and cuter every day! She loves to follow us around the
or snuggle in our laps, but she also LOVES to go running in the park.
Everyone who meets her wants a puggle, and I refer them to you.
Right now she is 13.5 lbs and she just lost her last baby tooth.
I am attaching some recent pictures of her. I'll send more as she gets
too so you can show people what puggles look like as adults.
How are things going with your Spring puggle litters?
I hope everything is going well.

Hi, no problem! As soon as we get home I'll email you and let you know that she arrived safely! I have food, toys, puppy pads, collar and leash, is there anything else you can think of that we might need?
I just wanted to say thank you again. I've always wanted to give my girls a Christmas memory like this and you've helped me do it. I really appreciate the time and care that this took. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, like you've helped us have!!
Hello Samantha
Just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know Shiloh is doing great.
He is such a character, so loving and funny. He does the cutest things. I think he was probably the cutest and smartest puggle you have ever had, but you probably hear that from everyone.
He is doing really well with his training, going to puppy kindergarten and getting more spoiled each day.
I referred some friends to your site, hope you don't mind.
I will email pictures soon, can't wait for you to see him, he is growing so fast.Thanks again for providing us with such a great addition to our family. Take care, pics coming soon,  Lisa
Hi, Samantha.  It is 4 pm here and we got home about 20 minutes ago.  I stopped three times on the way home - she wanted to play, but not go potty.  She did real well until about thirty minutes before we got home.  Then, she had it!  Get me out of here.
When we got home, she peed and pooped.  Nice poop.
My house is kind of big, and really all she wants me to do is hold her - which is fine with me.
She ate some of her food at the airport, and has drank quite a bit of water, I am giving her bottled water.  I am going to wait awhile before I feed her.
Thank you so much.  You run a first class operation.  She is more than I expected.
Love, Patt
hi Samantha,
Just wanted to let you know that we got home safe on Saturday night and everyone loves her.  She did so great and is continuing to do so.  So you know how you said that she doesn't like the cold, well I don't know but she sure seems to enjoy being outside and she loves digging in the snow piles.  We are loving how Bailey snuggles up to our other dog.  I took some pictures over the weekend of the dogs and our girls, I will send them to you. Thanks for everything.
Mandy and family
We purchased a pug from you in 02 and we wanted to let you know how
pleased we are with her, she is a beautiful healthy dog with a wonderful temperment, so perfect in every way. She loves all people and other animals
and we are hoping to purchase a sibling for her from your establishment.
We wanted to say thank you so much for your kindness, professionalism
and your excellent website and information.  You came highly recommended
to our family and we certainly have no regrets. Please let us know when
we you will be expected another beautiful pug litter.
Again, we sincerely thank you and look forward to your reply.
Kay Sipes and family
Hey guys,
When we were looking for puggles, we found very few places with pictures of the dogs when they were growing up or full grown.  We took some recent pictures of Cooper and thought you guys might like to know how he is doing.  He has been great and is learning very fast.  He is now almost 4 months old, and we can't take him anywhere without a ton of attention.  He is pretty much housebroken and knows "sit," "lay," "fetch," and is learning "stay."  We tell each other all the time, he is the best thing we have ever done.
Everyone asks about where he came from, so we had some business cards printed up.  We have referred several people to you, but you never know if they actually pursue it or not.
Thanks again,
Mat and Mandy

Hi Samantha, I’m sure the guy from Newington, CT will love his little Puggles as much as we love our Reo.  Funny you should ask about their temperament.  Their temperament is wonderful.  Reo is loyal, fun-loving, enthusiastic and very playful.  Best of all is his very funny and devoted personality.  I will go to bed at night and find a dog biscuit hidden under my pillow.  He has a lot of energy-as most puppies do- and loves to run in our yard.  We have him on an electric fence and he couldn’t be happier.  His personality is very “hound-like”.  I do believe Reo has more Beagle in him than Pug. Reo would never do anyting to intentionally hurt anyone.  You could put your hand in his mouth…even if there was a steak in there and he would give it to you to make you happy. What a guy!  Everything I read online about Puggles says that they are lap dogs.  Well, I do think they meant running “lap” dogs.  Reo’s best days are the ones where he can run free and then come in and curl up for a nice nap.  He is a very curious little guy.  He does think that just about everything is a toy for him, but he is learning.  He is a very very smart dog and I’m not just saying that because he is mine.  Reo is a joy to our family.  He does have some things to work on but, he is still only a pup.  I do believe that once Reo learns all that is excpected of him he will be the best dog we ever had and I’ve had a dog all my life.  Puggles are not boring couch potatoes….they are a terrific addition to a family, especially one with kids! 

Love, Karen and Reo


Hello !

So nice to hear from you, I had been planning on emailing you since our little puggle girls birthday is coming up. Yes, Lilli is still a beautiful sweet girl. I would highly recommend puggles to any family with children. She has such a loving, cuddly disposition, even at almost a year of age. My daughter and Lilli have a wonderful loving bond between them. Don't get me wrong, she still loves to go outside for playtime but when its over she adores cuddling in your lap. She is so friendly to everyone she meets and they all know her at petco and our vet. Lilli is quite the popular girl. Again, so nice to hear from you and thank you for giving us such a beautiful girl.  Take care,  Cynthia and family


He has arrived safely ! What a beautiful, plump, healthy, pug. We could not have picked one out any better than if we could have done so in person. We were so hesitant about purchasing online and so far from home, but is was so worth it. Thank you very much for this handsome guy, we adore him already. Kim in CA

Hello Samantha,
Just thought we'd drop you an email to say hello and attach some pics of Parker.  Today is Parker's 5 month birthday.  He is just as amazing as the day we got him, only he's 19.5 lbs now.  He has brought us so much joy, we can't thank you enough.  He is doing so well here in Hoboken.  Yes he is a city dog, but he visits the suburbs at least once a week (such a lucky guy).  He loves the grass and the outdoors.  He was out hiking with us last weekend and he was in Heaven.  We enrolled him in Puppy Training classes and he goes every Monday with us.  He is learning so much (we are too!).  Parker is just non-stop excitement and fun.  He is the talk of the town, literally complete strangers walk up and ask us if he is Parker because they've heard about him.  He is well known as one of the cutest dogs around.  He enjoys sitting outside our apartment on the sidewalk watching people walk by and saying hello to the other dogs.  People tell there friends about him, it's really just wild.  We have given your info to quite a few people in hopes that a few more of your Puggles make it to Hoboken, NJ.  He currently has two Puggle friends in the park that Alli takes him to play with as well as countless other dogs.  Parker has such a great personality, he just plays in the park all day with the other dogs.  It's quite amusing because anywhere we are in town he know's where the nearest park is (we have 3 within 4 blocks of us) and tries to get us to take him there no matter what.  He is just about over the teething stage, not too bad. He's lost most of his puppy teeth, the Vet says his canines are really the only one's left to go.  He was completely housetrained by the beginning of July.  He really is just a very smart puppy and we are so amazed at his progress. 
We have attached a few pics for you, a few are very recent and a couple are from June.

Thanks again for all that you did, we appreciate it so much and we hope you are enjoying the latest litter of little Puggles.
Kenny, Alli and Parker!



Thanks so much Samantha….you are the best!!!  It was just fate that I called you that Sunday morning and ended up with the doggy love of my life….Talk to you soon.  Karen


PS  Feel free to use me as a reference anytime….please use my email address




Sorry it took so long my computer has been down. Just got back up and running. Here is some pictures of Max. Had him to the vets this past Wed. He weighed 4lbs. 13 ozs. He was suppose to get another deworming and vac bit they were way backed up so had to reschedule for this coming Wed. max is doing well, he has adjusted very well. Loveable and loves to give kisses. Still has some accidents but he is getting better. He is a pleasure to be around. Yesterday he took 3 naps on my lap looked like he was in heaven.

Well I hope all is well with you. Take care.

Barbie & Max



What can I say, WHAT A PUG !!! He was so worth the wait. Thank you so very much for making our kids so very happy, he was a little nervous at first coming off of the plane, but it didn't take him long to put a pug smile on his face. I will send pictures soon. Take care, Jill


Hi Samantha,

Just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how thankful we are for our little Gino! He is not only physically adorable, however he is just a little charmer.  He is definitely stubborn, and he doesn't like to be left alone quite yet but he is just such a little ham. He is so friendly with other people as well (which was very important to Tucker and I.) 
Unfortunately, we have spoiled him to death.  Whoops!  I have a dog walker 3 days a week, and my mother watches him the other 2 days. Eventually, I am going to enroll him in doggie day care one day a week just so he can socialize with other pups!
I have attached some recent pictures of him. He is 11 pounds already!   I would love to see pictures of his parents if you have any (especially his mother.) 
I hope all is well and again, thank you!  We receive so many comments and praises. I have told several people about you. 
If you look on at the other puggle pix, Gino is a top contender. You breed beautiful pups!
Again, if you have any parent pictures, I would love to see them!
Take Care!
I had to let you know about Chloe's morning. I go to Curves and ever since Chloe arrived the ladies have been begging me to bring her in.  So, today I did.  :) 
After all the loves and hugs she got when we first arrived she wasn't content to wait the 1/2 hour in her crate - go figure.  I ended up taking her around the exercise circuit with me and she had a ball.  She would doze during the 30 seconds on the recovery pad and she would watch with interest when I was on a machine.
After going around the circuit the required three times I put her in the crate so I could stretch.  I moved her to where she could watch me and she just curled up in a ball and went to sleep.  Guess all that exercise wore her out!  She was a huge hit at Curves - it was too cute.
I hope all is going well with the family.  I'm sure you miss the puppies but I can tell you that Chloe is thriving.  She loves everyone and makes sure that you are properly greeted when morning arrives or we get home from being out.  She is one happy puppy and we are head over heels in love with her!  Thank you again for everything.
Blessings,   Nadine

Just wanted to send you an updated picture (attached) of the 2 little guys you raised for us from day one - Max & Murray.  They're getting cuter and sweeter everyday, absolutely LOVE people and other dogs, and are quite the cuddle bugs!  Murray (the littlest guy) is getting bigger everyday trying to catch up with his brother Max - he's grown from 2.7 lbs when we got him, to 4.1 lbs already!  Thanks again for giving us the 2 little guys who bring us so much love....(and hours of hilarious entertainment)!
Traci Seaton & Mike Thorstenson
Hello there!  I just thought that I'd send a quick note off to tell you
the puppy's doing :) I named him Copernicus but we all call him Copper
short.  He's living with my grandma right now while I'm at school but
doing wonderfully.  Right now he's taking puppy classes every Saturday
Petco.  I was only able to go to one class with him before I left for
but he was excellent.  Much better behaved than the other puppies.  And
everyone we met while we were there had to stop and tell us how cute he
  Everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is and where I got
you're getting a lot of free advertisement! :)  I guess that's about
it, I
just wanted to thank you for my wonderful little boy!

Hello Snuggle Puggle,
I just wanted to email and let you know I saw 2 of your pugs
at a park here in NY and they were absolutely the two cutest
pugs I have ever seen. They were not only cute but also so smart.
Their Mommy told me she had adopted them from you and I just
had to write and let you know that they were the best and hopefully
in the future I can adopt a pug from your family as well.
Have a great day !  Kimberly in NY
Hi Samantha! I have finally gotten to a point where I can log on. OK - admittedly, my world was turned upside down for the first couple of days, but all is well now. Sadie is SOOOOOOOO adorable and a very, very, good puppy! When she FINALLY arrived at the airport, the lady her brought her over to the cargo pickup area, was in love with her. She said she'd been "protecting" her ever since she arrived. Said they had her out on the Tarmac, and she insisted she be brought in and kept out of the rain/wind. When we took Sadie out of her crate, just mostly wet from the water...and maybe a little spit up, we all just loved her. I let the lady who took care of her hold her too since she was soooo protective of her. The two guys in the cargo place melted too. THAT was funny to see. Amazing how a puppy can make everyone gush. She snuggled as close as she could into my neck and shoulder and I held her tight letting her know she was OK, loved and all was going to be fine. That day we had much closeness, snuggle time and just quiet time. It was perfect.

We went to her vet yesterday, Dr. Hammer of the Preston Animal Hospital. They are absolutely wonderful, and you would be pleased that she goes there, as well as when needed to be boarded when I'm away. They actually called me Friday night to make sure she had arrived OK from TN and to confirm her name is still Sadie, and that they'd see us on 12/26. Her visit was good and SHE was a perfect little girl. She weighs 5.2 lbs. now. Got her nails clipped and all other things necessary to be done. Dr. Hammer said she's a good little pup and in great health. :-) He gave her a tid-bit of a bacon strip made by Purina as a little doggie junk food treat for being so good. She loved it.

Sadie is just amazing in what she has learned in such a short time. She LOVES all of her beds (crates) - one downstairs that's better for daytime, and one up by my bed that strictly for bedtime. She sleeps ALL THE WAY through the night! I'm amazed! She has been eating very well and therefore no need for the Nutri-Cal. I did use some of the chicken flavored baby food to mix in the first few times to ensure she'd eat....and she has every day. Now we have switched to just using chicken broth vs. warm water to add flavor and give her some "gravy" and omit some cals. She is eating it all. :-) Drinking her water too, but I've noticed she is "persnickety" about the size & kind of water bowl. Seems to get intimidated by all but a small glass one I have. Oh well, she'll learn.... but she's doing great.

Believe it or not, she has a collar and a leash and for the past day I have had to use them when I take her out to pee/pooh. She gets a wild hair and wants to run like the wind and I can't keep up with her! It happened one night and thank God I had a flashlight. She's black and with the dark of the night, it was hard to see her. She got one of those wild hairs and took off. Scared me to death. Funny though, I did a face plant in the flower bed when trying to catch her. I had to laugh.

She has a ton of toys - some that are fun for play, some for real good chewing (cuz she is a chewer)....and others that are squeaky and good to mouth. She plays very well. As you said, LOVES to cuddle and asks to be when really needed. Good napper too. She's learned the "no bite" mostly, and how to chew a toy instead of a finger when helped.

She had a HUGE Christmas Day, but you know, it was the BEST thing for her AND for me! We were over at my sisters. I took her bed crate from my bedroom so she'd have a familiar place to sleep/hide when needed, cuz I knew it would be a bit much for her. She only peed on their rugs 3 times. It was a horrible rainy day, so she did well to pee/pooh outside. She played with her "cousin" ....white Lab (Ramsey) and all the rest of us while we did Christmas stuff and did very well. She took good long naps in her crate for being worn out as well as giving her and others a break. We moved on to my nephews and again, the crate went with us. There she met her other "cousins" (by the way - all are in GREAT standing with their vets, so I was not worried at all about her exposure to them or vice versa.)... one of whom is a Yorkshire Terrier (named - Coco). It was a hoot. They were like siblings - being eyeball to eyeball and played, and played, and played. Testing one another, etc. I have to laugh, but did feel for Coco - as Sadie got a hold of her hair and pulled it hard enough that it made her pee. :( However, Coco made Sadie yap a little too .... so they both learned "territory" and "nice play". She, Sadie was great though. Took a few naps in her crate and we both slept like logs that night. We had a quiet day the next day, except for the vet. Today, like yesterday, we will have a fairly quiet day. I will step out for about 30 min. - 45min. like yesterday - exposing her to my not always being there in prep to go back to work the 2nd week of January.....and for me to work from home here that first week so I'm not in the same room with her.

In a nut shell, after all that!, she's doing beautifully, and it's soooooo obvious she came from a great home to begin with. Thank you Samantha. I know she sends her love to you all. As soon as I figure out how to upload/download the pics I've taken, I'll send them to you so you can see how happy she is. Life will be just wonderful with her - thanks to her great start from you guys.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the new year will be good for us all.


- Melissa
Hello Samantha,
                My Name is Eddie Naclerio from New York. My mother Marie ordered a puggle from you. We got him! He landed safely and on time. He had a little mess in the cage but that's ok. We got him home and he explored the house, gave him a bath, dried him with the blow dryer. He is a little cold up here, when we picked him up it was 10 degrees out. The temperature has risen since Friday night and for the upcoming week they are forecasting temperatures in the 50's. He seems comfortable with that temperature. I wanted to thank you for raising such an amazing animal. He is so well behaved,it's amazing. He listens to my commands, seems to understand what I am saying and is just amazing. I am feeding him as you recommended. He is eating well and is going to the bathroom on pee pads and when it isn't too cold out, in the lawn. Friday night when we got him I let him sleep in my bed to get a little more relaxed and get to know my scent. Saturday night I put him in his new cage. He cried for a little  bit but that is expected, after he slept through the whole night. I introduced him to my family, the age range is 7 to 71. He got along with each and everyone one of them. He played when they wanted to play and calmed down when they wanted to calm down. My neighbor has 2 small dogs in a fenced in yard and he is afraid of them right now, but we will take everything one thing at a time. I really have no complaints with him and I Thank you for raising him so well and taking such good care of him. I will continue to do the same. On Monday December 11 he has a 9:30 AM vet appointment. I have taken so many pictures already and as soon as I get them on the computer I will send you some. Thank you again and I will talk with you soon. Take care....